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Saturday, 26-Aug-2006 03:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
wild wild west

pink fish steak
chef's specialty
cooling cream
hmmm.. rasa macam nak makan western pulak. feels like having pasties so we drove to the lovely sidewalk cafe and had our brunch. chantek had (we shared the generous portion) grilled salmon with soy sauce and lime. i'm glad she loves the taste, because i'm trying to get her to eat as much fish as possible. it's good for kids, y'know. let me google what's in a salmon steak:

Very high in niacin
High in phosphorus
Very high in protein
Very high in selenium
Very high in vitamin B12

however, as all rules goes: please eat in moderation. too much of anything is bad for you. especially if the nutritionist say that salmon is high in fat. (and so does KFC, McD, pizza and also masak lemak cili padi mind you )

the Man of the House opted for something light. "go easy on my tummy" he said. after a few flips of the menu, he finally settled on the chef's special omelette. i asked the waiter what's so special about it, and apparently the omelette is filled with cubed young potatoes, soft goat's cheese and fresh chives & parsley. lovelyyy!

then of course, we had dessert. what brunch would be complete without ice cream. delish!

what a fulfilling way to start the weekend

Thursday, 24-Aug-2006 15:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
makan time

today i had to attend a day's course at renaissance, thus today's menu is hotel food. yuckh! the tea time affairs were just average to begin with. and the lunch buffet, well let's just say that the dishes don't really complement each other.

tried to be adventureous and took a bite of duck cooked with something - always never bothered about the dish's name or origin, as long as it taste delicious than i'm all for it - and decided to let it pass. i'll just stick to the shawarma lamb thank you.

for dessert, renaiss had an array of fruity tutty to be dipped in chocolate - courtesy of datuk K and datin S big huha perhaps ? - but they disappointingly left out strawberries. too expensive to get it off cameron ke?

all in all, a huge letdown. maybe i'll revisit again, when they have changed the menu.

Wednesday, 23-Aug-2006 15:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
today's feast

ikan masak apa tah
meat of the day
gotta have those fibres!
i guess i could pretend to say that we had this for dinner heh heh but we did not. we had it for dinner last sunday at pha-pha, and chantek relished the good food. "this is yummy mummy!"

for today the menu was.. hmm.. i actually consumed a huge plate of char kuey teow at 6 this evening. told the akak behind the counter to add extra cockles, and KS gave me her share of prawns. i think i'm bloated with too much seafood. now, where's that eno?


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